Technicians DO NOT get paid a percent of Parts Sales or the amount of hours they bill
Full Size Service Vans heavily stocked with parts and compressor
Always talk to a real person – not voice mail
Factory Trained and Ministry Certified
Same day service with 10 road techs and 11 shop techs
407 Transponders and cellular communications
Servicing Electrics, Propane, Diesel, and Natural Gas Forklifts
Operator training on the proper use of forklifts in your operation
Full Liability Insurance (5 Million)

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We carry a variety of Unicarrier forklifts, as the only distributor in the area we have exclusive pricing and products that no other company in the area will have. Check out our range of diesel, electric and propane forklifts!

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View more models

Our Long-Term
Happy Customers:

Thanks again for your insight Greg. It is so easy to get off on a tangent designing a system when you are not quite qualified in that area of expertise. Your visit brought me back to reality. I like the way you think. Your practical advice is going to save me thousands of dollars. You designed your way right out of a sale knowing that it was in my best interest ... I recognize and appreciate that. "Cascade" recommended you guys when I called looking for information on the F-Series roll clamp and now I know why. I look forward to future dealings with your company.

Wolverine Tube (Canada) Inc. Peter Lukasik

We are very pleased with the work that Cliff Sibbald did on our fork lift- we have had several different companies work on our truck and were not satisfied but now we are happy that the fork lift is running and braking properly.

Thank you very much

Witte North America Ltd. Joan Colberg

We at Versatile Millwrights Inc. would like to inform All-Lift of our satisfaction with the purchase of the 15,000 lb capacity forklift we purchased from you back in 2005.

We are very happy with the performance and dependability that this piece of equipment has shown throughout the years.

When the time comes to add another forklift to our fleet, we will certainly be in touch with All-Lift to fulfill those requirements.

Versatile Millwrights Inc. Craig Ryan, President

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me during your hectic commute in the core the other day.

We have tremendous respect for Dylan, Dave and the team from Outset Media.If they have chosen to work with you and implement your system, that speaks volumes because they are really bright.

Creative Education of Canada, Inc. Craig Ryan, President

We looked for a pre-owned Combi-Lift for a couple of years but soon found out that they were very difficult to come by on the used market.

We contacted All-Lift to discuss buying new and we received excellent sales advice, training and follow up from our Account Manager, Chavdar Nedkov.

Within hours of having the machine dropped off at our growing facility, we realized immediate benefits relating to our material handling needs. Payback was instantaneous. Hopefully we will be on the market for a second machine in the not so distant future!

SSCI Matt Mould